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Interactive Live Stream_

Optimize your earnings from Live Stream with our tools.
All in one platform.

Connect to Platforms

Control Music, Video, and Devices

Play music, video, or turn the device on and off. Explore your creativity with a variety of existing features.

Return of Investment (ROI)

The average return on investment is within 1 to 2 weeks. Maximize your profits by becoming premium member.


Multi Platforms

One app for many popular streaming platforms.

Audio Mixer

Play and mix sound from audio channels, play up to 128 channels.

Video Player

Play entertaining videos based on created events.

Socket Controller

Control your electronic devices with Socket Controller, you can make it independently.

Smart Plug

Control electronics with smart plugs compatible with Smart Tuya.

Event Manager

Organize events to trigger actions such as turning on lights, playing music, videos, etc.

Text to Speech

Convert text to voice, can be used to read comment or other events.

Control Mouse

Control your mouse to automatically click on your computer.

Control Keyboard

Control your keyboard to do typing automatically on your computer.

Run Command

Run a command to execute other applications on your computer.


Send LIVE stream data to other applications via HTTP protocol.


Comes with additional extensions for more functionality.

Use Cases


Dance while the music is playing, entertain your viewers with a cute and fun dance. Music can be played based on available events, such as gifts, likes, etc.


With mouse control, keyboard control, and run command features. You can do interactive live stream games with your viewers.


Sing songs requested directly by the audience by sending gift. With the Audio Mixer feature, you can organize song lists.


Make the viewers disturb your sleep, by turning on the lights, or playing loud music. Lights and music can be controlled based on existing events, such as gifts, likes, etc.


Do the challenge the viewers asks for, the viewers can control your music and electronic devices by sending gifts, likes, etc. Make sure you don't endanger yourself.

Water Drop

You will fall into a pool of water when the viewers sending gifts, likes, etc. Make sure you don't endanger yourself.

Explore Your Creativity

With the various features that the application has, you can explore various ideas that are fun and entertaining for your viewers.



No account needed
Limit 5 minutes per session
TEST mode only
No support


Pay only once
No limitation
LIVE and TEST mode
Priority support
Payment Methods
PayPal Transfer USDT (Crypto) Transfer DANA E-Wallet Transfer Bank Mandiri
The prices above are the prices for membership fee.
For TikTok and Douyin we apply server fees when you reach a certain amount of coins each month.
Learn more about Server Fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a license?
Premium licenses can only be obtained if you are already our premium member.
What is Server Fee?
Learn more about Server Fee.
What are the minimum system specifications required?
1Ghz processor, 4Gb RAM, Windows 7+ x86 (32 bit & 64 bit), and .NET Framework 4.8+
Why can't the application run on my computer?
Your computer must have a sound card and be able to play sound, you also need the .NET framework version 4.8 and above installed on your computer.
*  The amount is taken from the average user income from live streams of TikTok and Douyin connected to our platform.